It is a bit late for the burger craze to hit India, but Indian chefs are already preparing a burger inspired by the Red Wine Festival in the country’s capital.

A video has gone viral on YouTube, featuring the makers of a burger that’s as much of a mash-up of the festival’s red wine as the beer.

The red wine is infused with spices and spices of its own.

The burger comes in three different flavors: red, black and blue.

There is also a spicy sauce that is cooked with a mustard powder and chili flakes.

The dish is meant to be enjoyed in front of friends, said Shobha Kishore, who owns the restaurant in the popular area of Patna called Patna Bazaar.

The Red Wine Fest is held every year in the capital, and is celebrated by thousands of people.

The event has a huge following.

“People are all about red wine,” said Shubhendu Kumar, who runs a popular restaurant in Patna’s Patna Dhaba area.

It is also popular with visitors, who flock there to drink and eat red wines.

The food is served on the patio of the restaurant and people enjoy the food as much as the red wine.

“I have never seen a restaurant like this in the city,” said Kumar.

In fact, it is a favourite of those who visit Patna during the festival.

But the food is not all that unique, said Kumar, as he added that the Red wine is actually the best wine available for this kind of food.

The taste of the wine is so different from the other red wines that people who have never tasted red wine before often try the food, he said.

The menu has no special ingredients like bread, cheese or tomato sauce, so people get a sense of the taste.

There are only three sauces that can be used.

The sauce is a red wine sauce, red pepper sauce and red curry sauce.

The restaurant has also added some local spices and some Indian spices to the dish.

The chef says that the dish is more of a “recipe” than a food, as people have to try it out before they are sure it tastes good.

He added that people should not get too excited about the Red Wines, as it is still in its infancy.


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