The good wine is here, it’s on the shelves and it’s red, says Wine & Spirits Australia CEO David Lenton.

But what are the best red wines for red wine lovers?

We take a look at the best wines to sip.


The Grog, Beaujolais The classic grape of the south of France, the Grog is a classic white wine, a great source of vitamin C, and rich in minerals.

It’s also delicious for its high alcohol content, and is great for flavouring food.

The wine is particularly good when it’s aged in oak casks.

If you’re looking for a great red wine for a festive occasion, it is worth noting that there is a red wine spritz for every occasion.

The wines that come out of the bottle, however, tend to be more intense and are not as well suited to the holiday season.

The red wine at the Grazia is not as popular as the red wines of the South African wine regions of Mato Grosso do Sul and KwaZulu-Natal, but is a fine option for a holiday or a special occasion.


Chardonnay, BeauJolais This sparkling wine, often described as the wine of the Mediterranean, has a distinct, peppery flavour.

It is made from the wine grapes grown in the north of France.

It comes in a range of colours and flavours, from a deep yellow and blue, to a sweet orange and red.

Chateaux de Chardonnière, a famous restaurant in the town of Saint-Etienne, produces ChardonNays in the Champagne region of northern France.

This is a very high quality wine and the flavours are complex and intense.

It was once considered the best Chardonne in France, and the wine has won many awards.


Sangiovese, Pernod Ricard, Napa Valley Sangioves are a variety of grapes that have been traditionally made in the Napa valley in California.

They are widely consumed by people of all ages and can range from a light white to a red with a hint of red.

Sangioses can range in colour from white to red with hints of blue.

It can be aged for a few years or can be bottled for up to 12 months.

They can be served fresh or chilled.

The most popular wine in Napa is Sangiovesis, which is made in Napo and is made with white grapes.

Sangio is an Italian word meaning ‘white wine’.


Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Napoléon, Pinottos Pinot gris is an excellent wine that has a distinctive, rich flavour.

Pinots are made from white grapes grown near Mont Blanc, France.

The grapes have a medium-bodied flavour and can be quite dry.

It has a long shelf life and a wide range of uses.

The Pinot is the best white wine in the world.


Château de Sévigné, Beaujonne, France Beaujonnes are wines made from grapes that grow near the French border in the Burgundy region of Belgium.

These wines are typically quite sweet, but are also rich in fruit and the grapes can also be used to make a wine with a more traditional, fruity taste.

The best wines in this region are Beaujonnères and Châtres.


Shiraz Shiraz is a long-lived white wine with rich fruit, a smooth, delicate taste and a good colour.

It makes a very good accompaniment to other whites, and it is also very easy to make.

Shiras are best aged in wine barrels for up for at least three years.


Bordeaux, Châpeau de Chambéry, Burgundy A fine sparkling wine that can be used for both sparkling and sparkling cocktails, Champagne is the name given to a region of France where Châpêque and Chambreres are popular.

The Châeau de Chimay is the place where the wines are aged, so there are many options.

This red wine is the most famous of the Châchéres, and Champs is where they are made.

It won the 2017 Wine Spectator Award for best red wine.


Pinottas, Pinotti, Piedmont Pinototti is the red of red, with rich, complex flavours, a delicate finish and a low alcohol content.

It should be enjoyed as a light, fruy red wine or as a dark red with aromas of figs and herbs.

Pinotti has won the World Wine Cup in both 2009 and 2010.


Pinelands, Pinetot, Burgundies Pinotot is a vineyard in the Pied-Mont Blanc region of Burgundy, in France.

Pinettos are the red wine made from Pinot Noirs and Pinotgr


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