Red Rock Wine has added cheese spectrum to its Red Rock series of wines, the first in the region.

The cheese spectrum is a blend of red, white, black and blue grapes and is made by combining the best qualities of each variety.

“I’m always interested in seeing what different producers are doing and how they can make their cheese taste better and better and get better,” Red Rock VP of Marketing Chris O’Brien said.

“It’s a blend that you can taste and smell but it doesn’t really taste like anything else.”

The cheese is made from the highest quality, highest quality and most flavorful of the cheeses, which are grown in California’s Red Rock Valley, O’Connor said.

The cheeses will be offered in a variety of flavors, and Red Rock is also selling red wine cheese in red, green, white and blue varieties.

The red wine spectrum comes from a variety made from blue grapes grown in the area.

The wines are also sold in red and blue bottles.

“These wines are a special blend and a very high quality blend,” O’Briens said.

He said the cheese spectrum has been available for the past year and is just now coming to the market.

“We think it will be a hit with the consumer, it’s a little bit more premium than what we’re used to,” he said.

Red Rock will be adding cheese spectrum in other red wines as well.

It will also be selling red and green cheese in white, white chocolate and red and gold.

“The cheese is a special, unique wine and is a very unique wine,” O’sBrien said, “and so we are excited to have it in our portfolio.”

The wine spectrum has not yet been released, but it will likely be available in the coming months.

“There are a lot of different flavors, the cheese and cheese spectrum are really unique to Red Rock wines,” O’dBrien said of the cheese.

The Red Rock cheese spectrum will be available starting April 1.

“Our goal is to keep it fresh for a year and give it a chance to grow in flavor,” OBrien said about the cheese’s future.


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