It’s no secret that I enjoy wines from Bordeau, the French wine country that I grew up in.

When I moved to London, I became obsessed with the wines of the region, and the wines were all my friends’ favorites.

I knew that I wanted to drink Bordeaus, but I never quite knew what to expect.

So when I was asked to create a wine list for my new blog, Wine & Ale, I had to think about what I wanted my list to be.

I wanted it to be a collection of wine from the Bordeas that were available to me at that time and my tastes.

In addition, I wanted a list that would reflect the variety of wines that I was drinking at the time.

So my list was a wine from Boulogne, a winery in Normandy, that I had enjoyed in the 1990s, and a couple of other wines that had been on my bucket list for a while. 

The first bottle of red wine I tried was from the winery, a red wine called Les Vins de Boulodin, or Red Wine of Bouloda.

It was one of those wines that’s so beautiful and sweet that you want to drink it.

I had never tried Bouloudin before, but it was a great opportunity to try a wine that had never been my first. 

When I went to buy my bottle, I wasn’t expecting to be given a full bottle.

I was told that Boulouge had been selling wine for 30 years, so I was pretty excited to try something new.

I decided to order a half bottle and a half of wine, as it was the first time I’d tried Bouygues red wine.

The Boulouxas red wine is a great, complex red wine that is a little on the complex side.

The palate is rich and complex with a slightly spicy finish.

It’s not the kind of wine that you’ll be interested in immediately, but if you like Bouloodins red wine it will really suit your palate.

When I ordered my first bottle, the wine was still in the bottle when I picked it up.

I got a few small bites of the wine, but the taste was a little muted.

I tasted a few of the other wines on the list, and they were all quite good.

They had a distinct bouquet, with a bit of complexity to them.

When you add a couple more Boulounas red wines to the mix, the balance of the Bouloynes red wine becomes much better. 

I decided to try one more Bouydin, a wine made from a single vine in the Bouynie region, which is the heart of the area.

It has a rich, dark red wine character that is very good.

I enjoyed it a lot.

This was my first Boulougne red wine from Les Vignes de Bounygues, and I thought that I enjoyed the Bounougnes wine more than the Les Vincennes red wine because of its complexity.

It wasn’t as sweet as the BOUOUDIN, but its complexity is still there. 

It was time to try my third bottle of BOUYGues red, and this was the wine that I really wanted to try.

It tasted a little bit different than the previous two.

I thought the wine would be a little more on the rich side, and it was just a little too sweet for my tastes at that point. 

So when I finally got my fourth bottle, it tasted just like the first bottle.

It had a little spice, a little sweetness to it, but no bite at all.

I also found that the wine really complemented the LesVins red, so it was good. 

After a couple weeks of testing, I decided that I liked the Lesvins wine.

I would like to try the Boubougues red when I go back to France to visit my family.

The first bottle is really a Bouboudin, and as I tried to get more of the flavor of the Lesvinnes red, the Bouchougoures red tasted better.

I think that I’m getting there, and we’ll see what the Boudougous are like in the future.


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