Red wine is known for its ability to lighten the mood, enhance a sense of smell, and enhance your sense of taste.

However, as with any drink, there are times when you may want to put a bit more effort into keeping the wine in stock, so that you can enjoy it more in the future.

Read on for the best wines for the office and the home.1.

Red wine for office drinks, meetings and conferences: If you’re planning a dinner party, or just want to enjoy a red wine after a long day at work, this is the right choice.

Red wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvigne, and especially Riesling can give a bit of a kick to the mood.

You can even mix them with your standard white wine.

Red wine for meetings: You can mix up this list by going with a traditional red wine from the same region.

If you like to use the same type of wine for every meeting, try the following:Champagne Red, Chardonnay, Sauvagnan or Pinot NoirRed wine to refresh after a meeting, to warm the body and to refresh the senses:If you have guests in the room, a white wine to warm them up:To refresh after dinner, a red champagne to bring back memories:If the room is getting crowded, a glass of red wine and a glass with a few glasses of sparkling wine can bring a little extra happiness:Red wine and food: If it’s your first time at a restaurant, you may be tempted to skip the red wine altogether.

But you can make up for this by adding some meat to your menu.

You might try a roast beef and some grilled chicken.

Or try a side of roasted veggies.

If the steak is your favorite, you can add a side salad or some fresh fruit.

If your guests are a little more picky, you could try a red and white beetroot salad.

If you’re cooking a meal, red wine can be a good substitute for wine: you can bring back some of the taste of the food with the addition of a splash of red:To have a good time in the office, try a blend of wine and meats: red wine with a splash or two of red or white wine:To make an evening meal, add some meaty dishes like steak, chicken, or seafood:You can also try to add some white wine or white fruit for a dessert.

If it works, you’ll need to add a splash:To keep things going after dinner with a red or red wine cocktail, add in a splash from the red or a splash with the white wineFor lunch or dinner, add a red cherry for dessert: