It was a week in November when I wrote a piece for Slate calling for the American people to start drinking red wine. 

I’m still waiting for the results of a national survey of Americans about their habits, and while I don’t believe it will lead to an uptick in red wine consumption, the results are good news. 

The study by the Wine Institute, which was commissioned by the National Association of Beverage Manufacturers (NABMA) and the Wine Research and Education Foundation (WREF), was completed in late January. 

It asked 1,000 people a series of questions about their wine habits and beverage preferences.

The survey, which is not yet public, has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points. 

When it came to red wine, the survey found that the vast majority of respondents had never tried wine, and just over half said they didn’t drink it.

But a large majority of people had never considered red wine as a drink, with only 7 percent saying they had.

That number jumped to 14 percent among those who said they used red wine in cocktails or at dinner parties. 

In a follow-up question, which asked if people would drink red wine at any time of the day, the answer was a clear no.

“The vast majority, if not all, of those who drink red don’t consider it a drink at all, and only slightly more than half would consider drinking it as a beverage at all,” WREF Director of Research, Sarah Bagnall, said in a statement.

“There’s an important distinction between what we’re talking about here as a trend, and the fact that red wine has become a drinkable beverage, as well.” 

When the survey was released in January, the news sent shock waves through the wine industry.

Red wine sales have declined in recent years, and sales of traditional red wine declined as well.

But the NABMA and WREB said they believe the data shows that Americans are finally getting the message that red is not a bad thing to drink. 

“We are seeing a growing appetite for a new category of red wine that doesn’t have the same stigma as white wine or blue or even pink wine, that is a wine that is actually made from red grapes, not from any other fruit, and that we are beginning to appreciate it,” Bagnal told Salon.

“The survey tells us that there is a growing demand for a wine made from this grape, that we’re beginning to embrace it, and it has become the new normal for American consumers.” 

Red wine is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. and around the world, but the American public still seems to have a long way to go in understanding its true appeal.

According to a 2014 study published in the journal Wine, the median age of Americans was 67.1, and more than two-thirds of those over 60 thought red was the “new” or “upcoming” wine.

Even with the increased popularity of reds, it’s not clear whether the increased acceptance is actually a good thing.

According the Wine and Spirit Institute, red wine use is down among young people in the United States, and some have said that reds are more like a dessert than a drink.


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