We know Italian wine has been in a bit of a slump lately.

It was the worst year ever for Italian wine sales in 2014.

But this year, things have taken a dramatic turn. 

As of February, Italian wine exports grew by 4.8% year-on-year, according to wine expert Giancarlo Lefebvre, and this year will be even better. 

Italian wine exports have surged in the last two years, thanks to the resurgence of red wine.

The renaissance of Italian wine was created by a new market that is a natural fit for the Italian wine industry. 

In 2015, Italian red wine accounted for about 3% of all wine exports.

By 2016, the market had grown to 12%. 

Red wine is an expensive wine, but Italian wine is made from grapes grown in the highlands of northern Italy. 

The Italian wine world is growing. 

At the beginning of the decade, the global wine market was worth about $40 billion.

By 2019, it was expected to be worth $130 billion. 

A year ago, the Italian economy was in freefall. 

By 2020, GDP was forecast to be a mere $11.4 billion.

This year, the economy is forecast to grow by more than 10% in a mere two years. 

According to Vintners, Italian red wine is the fastest growing export market, accounting for nearly half of global red wine exports in 2019. 

“Italian wine is at a very good crossroads,” Lefebrevis told the Huffington Post. 

It is the only wine industry in the world that has survived two decades of decline.

The industry is facing a tough time, but that does not mean the industry is failing.

It has survived and thrived. 

Italy is growing again, but the country is not ready to stop.

The country is still in the middle of a long recovery, but in order to get the country back to full employment and sustainable growth, the industry has to start again. 

So, how does Italy’s wine industry keep growing? 

Italian wines are produced by farmers who have the passion for the craft that defines them. 

For years, the quality of the wine has dropped. 

With this, some of Italy’s biggest wine producers have turned to a new strategy. 

Liquor labels are now being redesigned to emphasize the quality, and there is a new emphasis on wines made in the region. 

Many of these wines are still made in vineyards that were once in the hands of the local vineyard owners, but these wines now have a new focus. 

 A recent report from the International Wine Council found that Italian wines have grown by 10.6% over the past two years compared to 2014, while red wines have grown by 5.2%. 

This is great news for the industry, and it is good news for consumers as well. 

Red wines are cheaper to produce, and that makes them more appealing to consumers, according to Lefreber. 

And while Italy has a huge number of small vineyards, they have been overwhelmed by the number of large vines that have sprung up in recent years.

That has created a gap between the quality and quantity of grapes being produced, and the amount of time to harvest grapes. 

To help close this gap, Italian wines are now produced in smaller, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly vineyards. 

When Italy’s economy was struggling, it had little choice but to rely on the market. 

Now, Italy is on the road to recovery. 

But the market is not going to be back to normal anytime soon. 

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