When I visited Spain in the summer of 2018, I was immediately charmed by the red wine country.

I didn’t really understand what it was about it, but it’s so different to the white wines that you can’t help but feel like a real wine lover when you visit.

I had just started working on a book about wine and travel, and I was inspired to find out more about the red wines of Spain.

I found out that the Spanish have a long history of producing red wines in a variety of styles, and the quality of the wines is incredible.

I wanted to learn more about how and why they make wine and how the reds are made.

The Spanish reds, which are also known as chardonnay, are usually made in small, tightly packed vineyards.

Each wine is then aged in the vineyards for a year, and then it’s fermented in an oak-fired kiln that produces about 1,000 gallons of wine a year.

When you eat the red grapes, the skins are dried and then pressed onto a wooden board and stored in barrels for the next five years.

The grapes, called gros de vino, are then roasted and then dried, to give the wine a full flavor.

In Spain, the gros is then placed on top of a thick white wine and stored for a week.

The wine is ready to drink and then the gos is placed on a wooden table and a wooden barrel is filled with water.

This is the final step of fermentation.

The barrels are then covered with straw to create a nice airy, silky wine.

This process gives the wine its distinctive taste.

In some countries, the wine is fermented for two years, and that’s how the Spanish make their wine.

The red wines are sometimes called lagers, which is short for lager, which in English means “small, round,” and which is the wine style.

The Spaniards also have a variety with different kinds of wine, such as pisco, and they call that sherry.

I visited the wine country to find a little bit more about Spain, but I was also inspired by the incredible work that is being done in other countries to make wine for the world.

I also visited the famous La Máscara vineyards in Burgos, Spain.

There’s also a wine-growing region in the United States called the Vineyards of America.

The wines that I visited were made in California, but many of the grapes used to make the redes are grown in the U.S. and other places.

The United States is home to about one third of the world’s red wines.

The other two thirds are made by the United Kingdom and France.

I think the red sherry is the most unique red, because it’s very rich, rich in flavor, and has the longest shelf life of any wine in the world, according to a number of experts.

And it’s really interesting because it goes back to ancient times, and so we call it red sommelier because the wine’s name comes from that.

So, yeah, the red is really the pinnacle of red wine, but you know, I think that we are all just starting to understand the wines of the other countries.

It’s just a matter of time before we start to see red wines on the menu in restaurants around the world and in the grocery store.


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