Red wine with a red wine color, however, can lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have found red wine can raise red blood cell cholesterol by around 4 per cent.

That’s less than half of what it would be if it were red with no red wine at all.

They say the red wine-red blood cell ratio is not the only factor affecting the health of the blood, but red wine may also be having a role.

But is red wines safe?

“It’s very hard to say for sure, but what we’ve shown in our study is that the red grape can have some anti-oxidant effects,” said Dr Peter O’Neill, lead author of the study.

“So if you take red wine and it has a very high ratio of red blood cells to red blood proteins, then it might have some antioxidant activity.”

O’Neil said there’s no need to be concerned about the health effects of drinking wine with its red color.

But red wine has a lot of other health benefits, including boosting your immune system and lowering your risk of developing diabetes and certain cancers.

What are red wine health benefits?

The health benefits of drinking red wine include lowering the risk for a variety of cancers, including lung cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer.

It also reduces the risk that a person with a heart disease will develop cardiovascular disease.

It’s also said to help reduce the risk in older people.

“It has antioxidant activity that’s probably beneficial to us as well,” Dr O’Reilly said.

But what are red wines health risks?

Red wine can cause red eye, a potentially serious side effect that can cause headaches, nausea and dizziness.

Other side effects include vomiting and abdominal cramps.

The liver and kidneys can be damaged and can cause serious problems.

The risk of liver cancer is slightly lower if the wine has been aged longer.

Other risk factors include smoking, drinking alcohol and high cholesterol levels.

Red wine has also been linked to liver cancer.

The Australian Red Wine Association recommends drinking no more than a glass of red wine a day, with no more being consumed than 1.5 per cent of your daily intake.


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