On Thursday, “The View” host and Bachelor franchise star Javi Marroquin gave a glimpse at what life is like behind the camera for Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants during the third season of the show.

The Bachelor, Marroquín said, has “the most fun” out of the Bachelor franchise, and it’s one of the reasons why the show has become so popular in recent years.

The show’s writers are “super stoked” that the series has reached such a massive audience and that they’ve “got a ton of fun working on this.”

As for what happens to those who get knocked out of season three of the franchise, Marraquin said, they’ll be back.

He said the cast members are working “really hard” to make sure they have “the best experience” in the future.

In addition to his interview with Marroque, Marriquin also spoke to “Inside Edition” host Scott Pelley about the Bachelor’s fifth season and what the future holds for the franchise.

He spoke about the return of the cast to the Bachelor, the new Bachelor franchise that’s based in Los Angeles, and why he thinks “the Bachelor” has “done so well” this year.

Here’s what he had to say:So, you know, it was the second time in four years that they were on “The Bachelor.”

You know, you guys did a phenomenal job this time.

So, we were kind of waiting on the other show to come back.

And I think we’re going to see it again, yeah.

We are going to be very lucky.

The Bachelor is such a beloved show.

And they’re such a good team.

It was really exciting.

We were excited for them.

And we are so grateful for them, because we knew what they were capable of.

I know we would have loved to see them on another show, but the Bachelor has done so well this year that we really, really appreciate the fact that we got to do this.

I’m really excited to be back, because I’m glad they’re doing it.

And, you see, I’m also happy for the other girls.

And all the girls are just working so hard to make it happen.

And, you have to say, I’ve seen the movie.

And it’s really, truly phenomenal.

And for them to be here, they’ve got all the talent, the makeup, the costumes, everything, you name it.

They’re just so good.

And the girls, I think they’re going out there and doing so well.

I mean, I don’t know if you know what they do.

But it’s so much fun, man.

I love them, and they’re just super talented.

And you have, you can see it in their eyes, they’re super focused, and just so focused.

And that’s what I’m so thankful for.

And if you ask me, the girls have been so awesome.

They have been such a great support group.

I’ve always said, the best time on the show is when the girls don’t get on.

But, you’ve got to keep them engaged, and, you’re not going to get them out of bed at 2 a.m.


So, you got to stay focused, keep them on their toes.

You got to be ready, because they’re out there doing it, and you’ve just got to have your best self, you just got the best crew, you want to keep your team engaged.

But if they don’t keep up with you, you gotta go, go.

I want to go out there every day, keep my team engaged, keep everyone focused, but at the same time, I gotta be ready.

Because I know I can’t be there for everybody.

So I know, I can go out, I know what I can do.

I just gotta do it.

I gotta do the best job I can.

And you know how many girls are on the ‘Bachelor’?

Well, a lot.

I would say, more than we were on ‘The Bachelorettes.’

I mean the ‘TheBacheloretes’ was a great cast.

And there are more girls out there now, but it’s still the same crew, and I love it.

But the Bachelor is a very different franchise.

The first one was the original, and the first one we got, it really started it all off.

And then it was, like, ‘The Kardashians’ franchise, but now, it’s the new ‘Bachelorettes,’ and, I mean that’s really exciting, you think you’re the last of the ‘Friends.’

It’s just really exciting to see all of the girls who are still out there, and to see the new girls.

So we are just really excited.

And this is what I love about this franchise, I love the cast, and that’s why I love


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