It’s one of those days when you can tell the people at the kosher truck-wine bar on Chestnut Street are looking forward to the next chapter of their lives.

The bar is open seven days a week and serves up a variety of specialties, including an exclusive red truck-brewed wine called Conundrum, and kosher red and white wine made with red-rooted plants, kosher pork, and fresh herbs.

The wine, which is made from red wine from local farmers in the Shiloh Valley, was chosen as the Best Red Wine in Philadelphia by the Kosher Wine Merchants of America (KWMA) for the first time in its 30-year history.

“It’s a wine that is meant to be shared,” said the bar’s owner, Dr. Aaron Zalman.

“We are the only kosher wine bar in Philly that’s made the wine in the red.

It’s not meant to taste like red wine.

It doesn’t have any of that.

The wine is meant for people to share.”

Dr. Zalmans son, Avraham, has been the wine bar’s manager since its establishment in 2007.

He said the red truck wine is something the bar has been experimenting with for many years.

“I love it.

It has a nice balance between sweetness and acidity,” said Avraham Zalmen, who is also a food writer for the Jewish Week.

“It’s not a big red wine and it has a lot of character.

I love that I can make something that people can drink.”

A few of the wines Dr. Zagman makes for the bar include:The Conundrum red is a medium red, with a dry finish that complements the meaty flavor of the pork, which gives it a more vegetal, meatier quality.

The black wine is an aged red, which has a fuller, more full-bodied taste and a longer finish.

The chicken red is made with the pork’s fat and skin, making it a much leaner red that adds a touch of depth to the dish.

The kosher red is also made with pork, but with the help of red-root herbs.

The flavor of these herbs makes the wine taste richer and more complex than the standard red.

It’s important to note that the KWMA is a non-profit organization, and Dr. Avraham’s father is not a member of the organization.

But he said that is a good thing for the community.

“Kosher wine has always been an important part of Jewish culture, and now with a lot more kosher food options available in the community, I think we’re all looking forward with anticipation to the future,” said Dr. J. David Zalmann, a wine producer and a member for the board of directors for the KWNSA.

The Bar’s new lease with its current owner is set to expire on February 10, 2020.

The Kosher truck wine bar has also been featured in The Washington Post and The New York Times.


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