You know you’ve been to the grocery store when the checkout clerk offers a free bottle of red wine for you to take home. 

And you’re like, I can’t believe I’m even gonna get a free wine, you know?

And you’ve got a bunch of red grapes on your plate, and you’re thinking, Why not just get the bottle? 

The answer: the wine is actually pretty good. 

What you can’t really buy at the store, though, is red wine with its distinctive red color, which makes it a bit of a no-brainer that you should try it out. 

The problem is that it’s expensive, and the best wine in town, which is what the wine industry calls red wine in the U.S., is about $2 a bottle.

So if you’re looking to buy a red wine and want to be the first to get your hands on it, this guide is for you.


Pick Your Wine ColorRed wine is a little bit like a red balloon.

You can either see the red balloons and hope to see the blue, or you can see them, and just want to see them.

So you’ll want to choose your color carefully.

If you’re buying red wine to give to friends, your friends will think you’re a crazy person for picking red wine.

Red wine is pretty hard to pick, and if you think it’ll make a big splash, you’re not going to get much.

So when you do choose red wine as your wine of choice, remember that you’re going to want a red color that matches your body.

So the red wine color of your body and hair will reflect the red colors of your face, which will make it easy to pick out your best friend.


Pick the Right SizeRed wine can be quite small, so a bottle that’s just over 6 inches long is the ideal size for you if you want to drink a lot of it.

You want to pick your size carefully, though.

Red wines are really easy to drink.

The bottle itself is the most important part of the wine, so you want a bottle size that will make you feel comfortable and comfortable.

You’ll want a wine that’s about 1-inch smaller than your actual mouth size, which can make picking a bottle a little trickier, but it’s still a good idea. 

So if you find yourself buying a bottle of wine that is just under 6 inches, you’ll probably want to avoid picking one that’s too large.


Get a Bottle for Your Mouth You want a big bottle, right?

So a good rule of thumb is to avoid buying a large wine with a smaller glass than the bottle.

A good rule is to buy your wine in a bottle with a bottle diameter that’s the same as the wine that you’d buy if you were buying it in a glass.

And if you can buy a large bottle with your mouth, you can pick up a large glass bottle for your mouth. 


Pick a Good Wines ColorWhen it comes to red wine that will be good for you over time, the most common color for red wine is red, so pick the one that is best for you when it comes time to pick a red.

If the red color you’re after is red and the wine you’re drinking has a strong red tone to it, pick a wine with that tone. 

If you’re getting a wine for someone who is going to drink it regularly, like someone who loves wine, red wine might be the best color to pick.

But if you don’t have a regular drinker in your life, or if you have a drinker who doesn’t like wine, pick something that matches that person’s personality.

Red colors are often best paired with foods that will bring them a smile, like fruit and vegetables, so the wine will probably have a lot more flavor than if you picked a wine from a bottle full of wine. 


Pick Some TipsFor a great red wine experience, make sure that you have enough red wine around to last you a long time.

Make sure you have the right bottles of wine around your home.

You don’t want your wine to sit on a shelf that you’ll be drinking it out of for a few years.

If your red wine has a lot going on in it, make the wine available in a convenient spot to drink, like a refrigerator or an open pantry.

If a wine has been stored well, make it available to the people in your household as well.


Choose a Proper Bottle You can always buy a wine glass or bottle from a store, but you’ll need to pick one that fits your mouth and neck.

If it has a small opening in it and a very thin neck, the glass will be a bit too large for your palate.

But a large opening in a wine bottle, with a thin


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