By now, you’ve probably seen the hashtag #winegeek trending on Twitter, a trending hashtag that has quickly become a popular and viral hashtag.

And while many people are using it to share wine in their fridge, it’s not quite as simple as the hashtag suggests.

In fact, Wine Geek is not just a Twitter app.

Wine Geek isn’t just a wine tasting app, either.

It’s an interactive app that will give you the ability to sample and browse the wines that you like.

And unlike other apps, it will also give you a real-time map of the wines you like, including the brand names, the age, and more.

The idea is that you can have a great time discovering new wines by finding them and tasting them in your own home, and you’ll be able to share them with your friends.

The app will also be integrated into a new wine store called Wine, and the app will be coming to Android and iOS, though we don’t know when.

For now, Wine is a free app that’s being designed for a lot of different types of people, from people who are looking for a new source of wine to people looking to discover new wine that they might not normally get to try.

So Wine Geek will give anyone who’s curious enough about wine the ability they need to discover wine that’s not as common in their area as they might be expecting.

It will also let people learn about wine that has been under-discussed, and it will give them the ability not only to discover some of the best wines in the world, but also to discover wines that aren’t on most people’s radar.

You can read more about Wine Geek in our story about how it’s being built and tested.