Red wine is one of the world’s most popular wine brands, and is often served alongside champagne or sparkling wines.

You can find it in supermarkets and on tap at the best restaurants in the country.

You also may find it available at the liquor store, but don’t be surprised if the bottle label is different.

If you’re in doubt, check with your local retailer.

For red wine to be effective in reducing the symptoms of hangover and its accompanying redness, you must have consumed a large quantity of red wine.

If not, red wine will only make things worse.

Here’s how to get started.


Prepare the bottle with a good amount of red and a little more than a teaspoon of sugar.

Red wine should not be too sweet, or it will be too hard to taste.

If the bottle is too thick, you will not taste much of the wine.

Red wines can be quite sweet, and this is a good thing.


If your bottle is heavy, it may be easier to handle than if it is light.

If it is heavier, it will require more effort to take a sip.


Pour your wine in the glass.

If possible, drink in one hand and your glass with the other.


Drink your red wine slowly and thoroughly.

When the bottle has cooled, take it out of the bottle and pour it into your glass.


Allow your glass to cool completely before adding your next glass of wine.


Repeat step 3, except this time with a little extra sugar to keep the wine nice and smooth.


If needed, add a little water to keep things going.


You should have a nice smooth, cool glass of red.

If so, congratulations!

Your red wine has finally arrived.

If there is any concern that your bottle may have been contaminated, you can always buy a bottle of wine from a reputable supplier, and take it to your local wine shop.


You may also want to try this recipe for a tasty, light, sweet red wine called red velvet.

It is also available at many supermarkets.


Next, enjoy some delicious red wine with some chilled champagne.