RED WINE COOLER — Red wine coolers, also known as red wine stoppers, were designed to hold wine and other beverages while you sip on it.

Now the company that created them is expanding its range to a new home: a wine cellar.

The Red Wine Company is expanding from its home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to a building in downtown Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles-based company said Tuesday that the new building is going to be a red wine cellar with a kitchen and dining room, and that the space will feature a wine refrigerator.

Red Wine is best known for its red wine wine cooler in New Mexico.

Red wine is also made in other places in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The company plans to add more wine cooler and red wine fridge space to the space.

The new building will be called Red Wine Co., and the new location will be located on the corner of 7th and Valencia Streets.

Red wines will be made at Red Wine’s facility in Santa Barbara, California, where they are known as chardonnay.

The brand will also sell wine in Santa Clara, California.

The wine cooler was created in 2002 by Robert and Linda Ettorff and is manufactured by Red Wine, which has about 3,000 stores across the United States.

The Ettors’ company also owns wine cooler maker Bitter Creek and its other wineries.

In the last few years, the Ettorefs have made the wine cooler available in the United Kingdom and Canada, with some retail outlets opening.