Barolo Red Wine is one of the oldest red-style wines in the world.

Made in Italy, it was widely known as ‘Monsieur Vermouth’ because of the wine’s distinctive red color.

The wine was popular in the early 20th century, when it was produced by the famous Pinot Noir winery in Chianti.

It was named after the famous Italian explorer and explorer of the Pacific Ocean, Baron Pierre de Bordeaux.

Today, Barolo has a long history in Australia, with it being produced on more than 100 wineries across the country.

The first Barolo wine was produced in 1927, when the Italian wine-making giant Cinzano Bregoli was founded in Australia.

It is said that the winery is still in business today, producing some of the world’s best red wines.

But now it is being auctioned off on the first day of the Australian Wine Auction, with the winning bidder having to wait until next year to see their name on the wine.’s James O’Connor reports.