The term ‘drenching in’ refers to an act of extreme dehydration, or dehydration that results in the body shutting down or freezing, the Lad Bible, an online Bible commentary website, says.

Shiraz wine, made from the juice of grape vines, has been described as a drink of life, a cure for all ills, and a potent remedy against the deadly diseases that plague the world today.

“Shirazi wine is a drink that you should drink and it should be enjoyed with friends and family, especially in winter,” the website reads.

In Hebrew, shiraza means a fountain or spring, and means the “spring of life”.

“It’s said to be a remedy for all diseases and ailments and the most powerful one for the treatment of cancer,” said Shira Eshkol, a research fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem who studies the Bible.

She said there were other ancient references to the wine, including the story of King Jehoshaphat’s coronavirus treatment, which also referred to the beverage as a fountain of life.

There are also references to shirraz in the book of Ezekiel, which describes the drink as an aphrodisiac.

According to the Lad bible, it is also said that the drink was used in the Persian and ancient Hebrews for “rejuvenation”, and was known as a remedy against “sickness, melancholy and the ills of life”, or “the fountain of health”.

The Lad Bible also said shirash is derived from the Hebrew word for a “spring”, meaning a place where people drink.

However, this is disputed by Dr Eshlal, who said she found no references to it in the ancient Hebrew text.

“It is a myth, a myth.

Shiraz was not a fountain,” she said.

Dr Eshal said shorazi was not mentioned in the Old Testament.

Another Bible passage, she said, reads: “He was a man of great wisdom, and his wisdom was exceeding great.”

Dr Oren Ziv, a biblical scholar from Tel Aviv University, said shorez, the wine that is traditionally made from grapes and is traditionally described as ‘wine of life’, was mentioned in another passage of the Bible as well.

But he said the drink does not appear in the Hebrew Bible, and is a modern invention.

“The word shirag is actually a derivative of the root shir, meaning ‘to drown’,” he said.

“The Shorazi wine was created by the Jewish people who came to Egypt, and it was called ‘Shorazi’ because of the water which was in the Nile, which was actually a great water source for people in the area.””

It’s a modern name for the wine.”

“The Shorazi wine was created by the Jewish people who came to Egypt, and it was called ‘Shorazi’ because of the water which was in the Nile, which was actually a great water source for people in the area.”

Dr Ziv said sharag refers to a great spring, but was actually derived from an ancient Egyptian word, shorah, which meant ‘spring’.

“When you think of the Biblical texts, the word sharig is actually derived [from] the root schreiber, which means ‘spring’ or ‘water’,” he explained.

So, what does this all mean?

Dr Zive said it was possible that the wine was a modern creation.

He said it is a good example of what happens when people use a religious text to make a modern beverage.

“So, if you use something like the Bible to write a new recipe, it becomes a recipe for a new product, not a recipe from ancient times,” he said, adding that it was likely the people who created the drink were not religious scholars.

 “The idea is to put the recipe in the hands of a religious person and to make it the best possible version of the recipe that will suit the person.”

Sharag and shoraz, like many ancient beverages, have been known to cause diarrhoea, vomiting and dehydration.


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