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What's Included

Monthly Vine Club Members will receive a selection of incredible wines

Taste some wines from up and coming regions or from grape varieties less exploited

Vine Club members receive tasting notes, pairing information, and the ability to taste fresh and seasonal offerings

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Exclusive Vine Club Offers

Members receive discounts on purchases of extra bottles of wines received in their previous month’s packs. For example: You loved the wines we sent you and would like additional bottles for your cellar, not a problem! Let us know in advance and we’ll give you 10% OFF on any combination of 6 bottles or more. Additionally, we can have them ready for you upon your next month’s pick up.

Exclusive Vine Club Events

Members will be invited to exclusive in-store wine tasting events to sample new and unique wines that our Sommeliers selected exclusively for the 5 Vines store.

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Pick up in store - FREE
Delivery to Calgary address - $15/month
Delivery to Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere - $20/month

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What if I don’t like the wines 5 Vines selected?
We understand that not every person has the same tastes, but we hope that you trust in us to have made some good selections. Always feel free to give us feedback either via phone (587-955-9221) or email ([email protected]).
What if I just want a Vine Pack for 2 months?
Submit your written cancellation notice before the 1st of the following month to [email protected]
What if I’m unable to pick up my order?
We can keep it aside for up to 60 days. At which time, you’ll have to make arrangements for pick-up.
What if the wine is corked (tastes or smells bad)?
Simply cap it and return it to us to be exchanged (can be done within 30 days of pick up).
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Rather Order In-Store

If you would rather come in and learn more about our Vine Club in person, we'd love to meet you!

Call us: 587-955-9221
Email us: [email protected]
Address: 218 12 ave SE Calgary, AB T2G 1G9